Disability Connect NSW is a Registered NDIS provider in Sydney NSW. We offer support to people with disabilities and their families. Our mission is to build your capacity to you live independently and confidently while connecting you to your community. Our trained and qualified staff will assist you in your daily activities and building your confidence. Choose us as your NDIS service provider and start living the life you wish. No matter what type of support you need, we will be there every step of the way. Our team will work with you to develop a personal tailored support that fits in your life and goals. We ensure you can access all the support and resources required to live life to the fullest.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Complex and forensic mental health
  • Capacity building
  • LGBTAIA+ and CALD communities
  • Inhome support, domestic & personal care
  • Transitions from hospital leaving care, SIL/MTA others
  • Support independant living
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Housing and accommodation including homelessnes
  • Criminal justice, including transition from custody
  • Child protection OOHC & VOOHC
  • Community participation
  • Complex and rare diagnosis
Domestic Personal Care

In-Home, Domestic and personal care

Supporting you in your home we can assist and support with things like personal care, cleaning / maintain your home and mealtime assistance.


Supported Independent Living

In our Supported Independent Living (SIL) homes, we focus on building your capacity to work towards living the most independant and individualised life as possible.

Supported Independent Living
Capacity Building

Capacity Building

A Support that helps a participant build their independence and skills There are a wide range of different activities and goals you can achieve using your capacity building funds. As one of the more specialised support items in an NDIS plan, Capacity Building will allow you to access flexible. understanding and personalised care to ensure you can achieve your goals.


Community Participation

Our team will connect you to the community to attend your appointments, complete your shopping, and participate in activities that you enjoy. We will support you to develop activities to explore your interests. There are no limits to your community participation.

Community Participation